Customer data is your secret weapon

Your story resonates most when your customers and other third parties tell it, and when your employees authentically create and communicate the value your customers achieve. The highly relevant information every employee learns every time they interact with a customer can be the basis of an agile, always up-to-date content marketing program. 

OutsideView first helps you identify core content themes that best address your target market needs and which flow logically from your messaging framework.  Next, we work with you to identify where the information resides from throughout your customers' journeys.  If it is not captured we'll help identify opportunities to do so, and to reuse it along every customer touchpoint. If customers don't yet have results we'll work with you to identify expectations and endorsements.

By operationalizing content capture at every stage of the customer journey you'll not only feed your content pipeline, you'll learn more about your customers. You'll find ways to increase loyalty, reduce churn and increase revenue.

Programs that move your company up and to the right


​Building leadership

OutsideView works with your team to first understand and segment your audiences, and then to create compelling, consistent and bold messaging so every employee, customer and partner can market your company—relevantly with every audience.   

OutsideView's methodology unifies your compelling story as the foundation for all of your go-to-market messages, making your company more agile and more relevant:

  • Create consistent stories that resonate with customers, prospects, partners, influencers and media
  • Help prospects easily understand exactly what your company does and why it's relevant to them
  • Simple, direct and bold language clearly communicates the most relevant information to each target audience
  • Marketers become able to quickly create compelling campaigns, relevant social media posts, engaging videos and blogs that speak your language—without lengthy reviews


Integrate to amplify

Media is social. It is digital. It is also related to your content, influencer and analyst, and customer success programs. Integrating your full market strategy creates synergies and momentum.  From understanding what reporters and influencers care about to gaining their trust and participation,
OutsideView helps your team develop programs they can execute consistently:

  • Understand where your customers seek advice
  • Learn who are the best media targets, and engage them socially
  • Integrate social and media with your analyst and influencer program
  • Become trusted sources for key media outlets and influencers
  • Position within broad, exciting stories top-tier media care about
  • Create highly targeted plans that facilitate corporate goals


Your analyst program should super-charge your company’s revenue growth with better awareness and more influencer recommendations.  

OutsideView taps into how your market's key influencers think about your market and your company. We work with your team to craft your leadership story and create a systematic program for even more respect, differentiation and credible third-party recommendations. 

  • Map your industry’s analyst and influencers, identifying which are most influential
  • Understand how those that matter perceive your company and what changes
    may be needed
  • Develop the right messages to position your company for recognized market leadership
  • Create programs to both inform and learn from the right industry analysts
  • Gain leadership recognition in key industry analyst reports

Your company will stay top of mind with the analysts and influencers most trusted by your customers, and move into the right, leadership quadrant.