​​Helping B2B tech companies get recognized as market leaders

media programs

OutsideView creates messages that resonate with your target audiences and support your growth objectives.  We help your media team craft and tell stories that combine your messages with marketplace trends and socioeconomic data to engage and win coverage in the right places.

​​We understand your market's growth levers and how key influencers think.

We articulate your story, create analyst strategies and amplify your brand.  

The result?

More and faster wins, greater brand strength, funding opportunities and public market access.  

Outsideview Market Strategy Consulting Analyst Relations

messaging & core themes

Consistent, clear and compelling messaging across audiences is critical for brand building. Armed with consistent and bold messaging and core themes, every employee, customer and partner can market your company, participate relevantly in social media and even recruit new customers, partners and employees. 

​​​​​Leadership recognition is the result of a
​ carefully crafted market strategy


Leadership is practiced
not so much in words as in attitude and in actions.

Harold S. Geneen

​​​analysts & influencers 

Your analyst program should super-charge your company’s revenue growth with better awareness, a stronger brand and more credible third-party endorsements.  OutsideView programs help place you in the right quadrant – all the way up and to the right – which can mean millions in revenue. 

A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus. 

​Martin Luther King, Jr.